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The Starry Night Close-Up Vincent Van Gogh

Closer than you can get in a museum to examine each detail and brushstroke! Art masterpieces available in megapixel format via Google Art ProjectA collaboration with museums large and small, classic and modern, world-renowned and community-based from over 40 countries. Together they have contributed more than 40,000 high-resolution images of works ranging from oil on canvas to sculpture and furniture.

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someone you should probably hold on to (via braided-funk)

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I want us to make each other better.

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There is nothing prettier than a city at 5 AM with its empty streets and cold wind


i want to be loved and cuddled and hugged and then fucked against a wall (◕‿◕✿)

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I only want this with you.

Guidelines For Finding Someone Worthwhile (via sassyfag)

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You deserve to be with somebody who will drive three hours, just to see you for one.


I want to sit with someone at 3 am and talk. Like really talk. I want you to tell me what keeps you up at night, that dream you keep having, what certain songs make you feel like, what you think happens after death. Talk to me about your family and your dreams.

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Also, fun fact: being nice to someone you hate does NOT make you two faced

it makes you a mature adult who knows when to pick their battles and when to just let it go and tolerate someone for their shitty personality. 

if you think otherwise grow up




we all have that one band that when you listen to it it’s like talking to an old friend that has never let you down and somehow it makes everything better

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Some things Tumblr has taught me. →


That, in spite of everything, Leonardo Dicaprio still does not have an Oscar.

That saying “wut” conveys a feeling which “what” cannot.

That the difference between a nice anon and a mean anon can be the difference between a great day and an awful one.

That Tumblr operates under the same code as…

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